Print Additional Copy of PO

When to Use

To print an additional copy of a purchase order. When a purchase order is changed, only the changes are printed. At this time, users may wish to re-print the complete purchase order to re-send to the vendor and for the departmental files.

Detailed Procedures

Access the transaction using:


Logistics >> Materials management >> Purchasing >> Purchase Order >> Messages >> Print/Transmit

Transaction code



Field Name

Required (R) / Optional (O)

Description of Field Content

Document number


Enter the purchase order number you wish reprinted.

Processing status


Change Processing status from 0 to 1.

Click on execute icon.



After selecting the appropriate message, click on Image.


Screen: Message Processing, purch. documents: Output

Message processing selects the printer to be used for the repeat message (print) of the purchase order.

Print Additional PO Printer Destination 

Click on Imageor press enter on the keyboard. The screen does not change. Click on Imagetwice. This will take you back through the Message Processing, purch. documents:Output screen to the message Output screen, where there will be a Save messages pop-up box.


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