UShop is the University’s online web-based e-procurement system that enables faculty and staff to purchase goods and services used in their day-to-day work. UShop is another method for departments to purchase goods, in addition to the Purchasing Card, Imprest Bank Account and Petty Cash. See the Procurement Services website for requirements when purchases are above $5,000.

The UShop online shopping system has built-in approvals and controls which adhere to the University’s purchasing and payment policies. The cost of purchases is charged directly to FIS accounts.

The following sections cover policy, approval rules and provides links to where you can obtain additional information and also to register for UShop.


Approval Rules

More Information and Registration


University of Toronto

  • Graduate students may register to use UShop, with their supervisor's written approval.
  • For students to use UShop, the Principal Investigator (PI) must be a registered UShop user and set approval rules for their Funds Center.
  • Approval may not be delegated to a student under any circumstances.

Faculty of Arts & Science

  • In addition to the University policy, the Faculty of Arts & Science will only allow student use of UShop if a PI's Funds Center approval level does not exceed $1,000.

Approval Rules

Every Fund Centre used in UShop must have a designated owner and an approval rule. The approval rule is the maximum shopping cart value that may be purchased without the electronic approval of the Fund Centre owner.

Any shopping cart created by someone other than the owner, where the value exceeds the approval threshold, will automatically trigger an email to the Fund Centre owner/approver for online approval prior to the creation of the purchase order:

  • The owner of an operating Funds Centre is usually the Chair / Director of the unit,
  • The owner of a PI Funds Centre is the principal investigator.

Owners are not necessarily purchasers or approvers. Approval may be delegated, and any user with access to the Fund Centre in UShop may be a purchaser.

Users in UShop

  • Every approver and user must be registered in UShop;
  • Every registered user has pre-set access to individual funds centers, funds, cost centers and internal orders, if applicable;
  • The access is determined in the registration process;
  • A user cannot charge any purchases to accounts they do not have authorization to access;
  • The confirmation of goods receipts may also be “delegated” and performed by someone other than the purchaser.

Approval Rules – Operating Accounts

  • Chairs and Directors may choose to delegate approval to an administrative staff member (e.g., the unit’s business officer);
  • The delegated approver must be a registered UShop user;
  • There may be a maximum of 2 approvers and a maximum of 2 approval levels for each Funds Center;
  • The set approval levels are specific to the Funds Center and may not be changed by an individual user;
  • Approval levels may be set as low as $0.01, in which this case the Funds Center approver would need to approve any shopping cart before a purchase order was issued.

More Information and Registration

To learn more about UShop and to register, go to the Procurement Services website.

Procurement services and the FAST team offer courses in the standard curriculum dealing with the registration process for UShop and Reporting. To view the most recent course notes, or to register for the courses, visit the FAST team’s FIS Training Schedule and Course Summary.

If you have any additional questions regarding UShop, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Procurement Services website, or contact UShop & PCard Support at 416-946-7346.

March 29, 2006
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